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A creative products we hope to share together.

Since the establishment of a trading company in 1995, Global industrial Corp.
has grown steadily despite many changes. We founded a factory , Sangsan Technology Corp.,
in 2014. When I was a kid, my grandfather planted a young mulberry tree on a mountain across a river that looked far away.
As I grew, the mulberry tree also grew and made a silkworm, and the silkworm made a yarn, and the yarn became a cotton,
and the cotton became a garment again. The tools we make are made with the grandson's grandfather's heart,
and each one of them has such touches and touches, and it is devoted to every effort and affection.
So the tools we make are not just products, they are Goods and values. , We will not make it. We will not make products
unless we are in the spirit of growing mulberries.
The products presented here are based on that spirit and we want to share the spirit and value with our customers. .
Our aim is to research diamond tools for a new material such as Engineered stone and a develop quality of diamond tools for construction as well as a new industries.


Our well stocked raw material is the basis for a fast delivery,.


We offer a reasonable price to customers in order for them to grow up together.


Welcome to your proposal to develop and creative a new tools.